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For the beauty of Mike Fielding



Not my video (and really shit quality), but I’d never seen it before.

Can we just…Julian’s fucking smile. And Chris O’Dowd looking absolutely thrilled for they boys’ win. Just….uuuugh. So lovely. And Noel pointing at Dave, saying will childish enthusiasm, “This is Bollo!”, and Dave taking the mic and saying in his best Bollo voice “I’ve gotta good feelin’ ‘bout dis”.

And Julian and Mike being just so fucking deadpan, the sarcastic shits. <3


Look at Dave and Mike at about 1.50. That is all.

Also, they are all SO. SMASHED. And it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Mighty Boosh plan tour AND film

Mighty Boosh plan tour AND film

Busy 2014 for Noel and Julian

The Mighty Boosh are planning a tour AND a film this year, the duo have revealed.

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt have been relatively quiet as a double act since their 2009 Future Sailors tour, two years after their cult BBC series ended.

But last year they reunited for shows in America - including Tenacious D’s star-studded Festival Supreme – plus a couple of intimate gigs in London’s Soho Theatre to warm up.

Now Fielding has told The Mail on Sunday that a new UK tour is imminent.

‘We’re going on tour early in the New Year,’ he said.

And Barratt added: ‘We’ll be working on material that hopefully could make a movie. We want to make something great for the fans.’

The pair have been talking about a movie for more than five years. Back iIn 2008, Fielding said: ‘‘A film is the first thing we ever wanted to do, so we’ve always come up with ideas and stuck them in a drawer. Now comedy films like Shaun of the Dead have really opened a lot of doors.

‘We wanna make something pretty epic like The Wizard Of Oz; something huge and psychedelic with lots of music and animation in it. A big epic fantasy world.’

The pair previously made the tour film Journey Of The Childmen, which had a limited release


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